Wahe Guru-When Guru Nanak Was Lying On His Leg Towards Kaaba In Mecca

Wahe Guru-When Guru Nanak Was Lying On His Leg Towards Kaaba In Mecca

Wahe Guru-When Guru Nanak Was Lying On His Leg Towards Kaaba In Mecca-Guru Nanak, who founded Sikhism, is additionally considered the primary Guru of Sikhism. Nanak died on 22 September 1539. Through his religious and social teachings, he taught society the lesson of unity and love.

Today is that the 481st death anniversary of Nanak does one know that Nanak once gave an excellent education to the followers of Islam on the journey of Mecca Medina Yatra.Guru Nanak Dev, along side his disciple Mardana, took five major walking tours across the 2 subcontinent in about 28 years.

Wahe Guru-When Guru Nanak Was Lying On His Leg Towards Kaaba In Mecca

Those are called sadness. In these 28 thousand kilometer long journeys, Nanak visited about 60 cities.In his fourth gloom, Nanak traveled to Mecca. He disguised Haji and reached Mecca together with his disciples. Nanak traveled to Mecca after traveling to several Hindu, Jain and Buddhist places of pilgrimage.

The account of Guru Nanak’s visit to Mecca is found in many books and historical books. In ‘Baba Nanak Shah Fakir’ Haji Tajuddin Naqshbandi has written that he met Nanak in Iran during Haj pilgrimage. Tarikh Arab Khwaja written by Jain u Labdin also mentions Guru Nanak’s visit to Mecca.

Jain-u-Labdin has likewise referenced the exchange among Nanak and Rukuddin. Nanak’s visit to Mecca has additionally been referenced in History of Punjab, History of Sikh, Warbhai Gurdas and Sau Sakhi, Janamsakhi.

Wahe Guru-When Guru Nanak Was Lying On His Leg Towards Kaaba In Mecca

Mardana was the name of a lover of Nanak . He was a Muslim. Mardana told Nanak that he had to travel to Mecca, because it’s believed that until a Muslim goes to Mecca, he’s not called a real Muslim.

When Nanak heard this, he took him along and began for Mecca. When Guru ji reached Mecca, he was tired and there was a resting place for the Hajis, then Guru Ji set foot on Mecca and lay down.

Khatim, who served the Hajis, whose name was Zion, became very angry on seeing this and said to Guruji – does one not see that you simply are lying on the side of Mecca Medina.

Guru Nanak said that he’s very tired and needs to rest. He told Zion that if he’s not inscribed on the side, turn his feet on an equivalent side.

Then Zion understood Guru Nanak’s point that God isn’t only in one direction but in every direction. After this, Nanak explained to Zion that benefit deeds and remember God, this is often truth Sadka.

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