Hindu Devotional Songs & Truth Behind 33 Million Hindu Gods

Hindu Devotional Songs & Truth Behind 33 Million Hindu Gods

Hindu Devotional Songs & Truth Behind 33 Million Hindu Gods-Supreme Soul is that the single Cosmic Energy within the universe that’s referred by Hindus as ‘Paramataman’. This Cosmic Energy is incomparable, unchangeable, final truth, fearless and Infinite (without beginning and end).

This energy is believed to present altogether the living and non-living things. it’s the facility to convert the poison into love, impure to pure, unmanageable to manageable, negativity to affirmation, hopelessness to hope.

Hindus believe that the three important works of the Supreme Soul are creation, preservation, and destruction, or recreation. These three important works are handled by three main aspects of the Supreme Soul, and that they are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. These three Gods also are referred to as Trinity Gods.

Hindu Devotional Songs & Truth Behind 33 Million Hindu Gods

As per the Hindu mythology, there are 33 million aspects of Supreme Soul referred to as Hindu deities or Hindu Gods and Goddesses. this is often a myth, and it arises when people fail to understand the precise philosophy behind Hinduism.

There are many theories behind 33 million Hindu deities or Gods and Goddesses.

According to one theory, there are four epochs, and that they are Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dvapara Yuga and Kal Yuga. During these Yugas, it’s assumed that there are 330 million pure souls. 330 million is employed for a figurative expression to the important fundamentals that Supreme Soul exists altogether the living beings.

According to another theory, there are four sacred Hindu holy books referred to as Vedas.

There are four fundamental Veda that are as per the following:

1-Atharva Veda
2-Yajur Veda
3-Rig Veda
4-Sam Veda

According to the reference given within the Rig Veda, there are three main Gods one is Fire God (Agni) on Earth, Air God (Vayu) within the air, and Sun God within the Sky. Later it gave the reference that 11 Gods are said to be vested in the world, 11 other Gods are said to be vested within the heaven, and rest 11 Gods are said to be vested within the air.

Atharva Veda and Yajur Veda referred Sanskrit word ‘trayastrimsati koti Bhagwan’. this is often a compound word made up ‘traystrim’ + ‘sati’ + ‘bhagwan’. Here ‘traystrim’ means ‘thirty-three’ and ‘koti’ have two meanings, one is crore, and another means ‘supreme’, and ‘Bhagwan’ means ‘pure soul’. Thus, when the Rigveda is translated, 33 Gods are interpreted as 33 million Gods.

In the end, it is often concluded that there are 33 Hindu deities only, and other Hindu Gods and Goddesses are only their manifestations. These 33 Gods are the aspects of 1 Supreme Soul.

The ultimate truth is that there’s actually one, and just one God exists within the sort of Paramataman whose aspect exists in everyone and everywhere within the universe referred to as ‘ataman’. We all must strive towards our ultimate goal of life to unite our ‘atman’ thereupon of Paramataman.

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