Durga Mantra And Durga Puja Festival Of The East

Durga Mantra And Durga Puja Festival Of The East

Durga Mantra And Durga Puja Festival Of The East-If you’re a Bengali, you want to already know what Durga Puja actually is and if you’re not a Bengali then you want to start to understand what actually is so special about the festival.

With a modest beginning within the luxurious Zamindar mansions of Kolkata, the festival has now reached its zenith. With the influence of the festival now on a worldwide scale, the necessity of the hour is to understand what makes it so special.

Durga Mantra And Durga Puja Festival Of The East

Durga Mantra And Durga Puja Festival Of The East_Hindu Mantra Gyan

Hailing from the fun-loving and yet very cultured province of Bengal, I will be able to attempt to offer you an intellectual and yet Very light dose of datareturning to the festival, the festival is really the observance of the war between Ram and Ravan. With 10 days signifying the ten days of battle at Lanka finally culminating at Dussehra or Vijaya Dashami, when good had triumphed over evil.

Now talking about the fun experience, the entire of Calcutta comes right down to the road to go to the pandals that are scattered all across the ninth largest metropolis of the planet, my very own Kolkata. With numerous people altogether kinds of outfits and choices, you actually start to attach with the famous phrase, “it happens only in India”. it’s also not very uncommon among the people of the town to remain awake on nights and roam around the pandals. during a survey, it had been found that this festival of Durga Puja is that the largest gathering within the orient and 2nd largest of the planet after the Rio Carnival.

The spirit of Durga puja isn’t confined to Kolkata. Wherever there are Bengali expatriates, they celebrate Durga Puja and that they definitely roll in the hay style. Personally, as a Bengali, I feel very pleased with my existence, my culture, and my values.

But, sadly of these values are wearing off among the youth. Most of them check out the festival as a time to wear new clothes, go around with partners and celebrate. Well, having fun is alright, going out with partners is alright, but what they’re missing is that the spirit of Durga Puja.

People must reflect upon these small and tiny details. once you lose tiny things in life, you begin losing the large things too. As a member of the new Bengali community, it feels very sad when your comrades leave their tracks. We all got to pull up our socks and relive the spirit of the Pujas.

For all those outsiders, I might urge all of you to return and see what Kolkata has for you. And, what are often a far better time to go to our city aside from the Durga Pujas. Cheers!!

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