Dhanteras & Diwali Festival Express Feelings With Gifts

Dhanteras & Diwali Festival Express Feelings With Gifts

Dhanteras & Diwali Festival Express Feelings With Gifts-The sweet nip in the air and the fully stocked shops and stores are an indication of the coming of the festival of Diwali. As the festival approaches, your phone will start ringing with Diwali greetings and SMS’s whilst a variety of emails will flood your inbox.It is festival time again and also time to put on your cleaning and organizing hat so as to get ready for the Diwali holidays. You’ll need Diwali lanterns (diyas), firecrackers and sweets to celebrate Diwali 2011 in style.

Each of the traditions that are followed in celebrating Diwali has a special meaning. The significance of Diwali and the various elements cannot be ignored at any level.

Dhanteras & Diwali Festival Express Feelings With Gifts

Dhanteras & Diwali Festival Express Feelings With Gifts-Diwali greetings convey your best Diwali wishes and what better way to express you’re well wishes than to do it with gifts. You will find a very wide range of Diwali gift ideas available in the market and you can choose according to the taste and preference of the person who is going to receive the gift.

Here are some popular gifts ideas, which can help you in making your choices;

Sweets: There is not a single soul on earth who can stop their mouth from watering because of the delicious aroma of pure ghee sweets that float in the air as the festival of Diwali approaches. Prepare gift packs with a single sweet or use a mix of sweets to gift this Diwali to your near and dear ones.

Make sure that the sweets (if purchasing) are fresh and delivered at the right time.

Clothes: It is a tradition to wear new clothes during Diwali for the evening. People enjoy receiving stylish and traditional clothes to wear as a gift. Make sure that you get their sizes right and that the store from where you buy the clothes has an exchange policy.

Jewelry: It is customary to buy new jewelry during Diwali and it is believed that spending wealth attracts more wealth. Gold and silver ornaments are very popular as gift items. Earrings, chains, bangles and anklets for women and cufflinks, finger rings for men will make for very attractive gifts for your loved ones.

Lights: Diwali lanterns, decorated diyas, sweet-scented candles, and electric bulbs make Diwali very special. Buy plain lanterns from the markets and add a festive touch to them by adding lace, motifs, glitter, etc. Gift them this Diwali and watch their smiles spread at your thoughtful Diwali greetings. You can also decorate the diyas in the same way.

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