Baba Vanga Predictions 2021: Disasters Will Increase, China Will Rule, Baba Venga’s Prediction On 2021

Baba Vanga Predictions 2021: Disasters will increase, China will rule, Baba Venga’s prediction on 2021-Bulgaria’s prophet Baba Venga (Baba vanga Predictions 2021) has made surprising predictions about the year 2021. He was called the Nostradamus of the Balkans. Baba Venga had predicted many such historical events which later proved to be absolutely true. Born in 1911, Venga lost his eyesight at the age of 12.

Baba Venga died in 1996, but before his death he made historical predictions like the dissolution of the Soviet Union , the 9/11 attack (2001), the death of Diana (1997), the Chernobyl disaster and therefore the Japan tsunami (2004). was. it’s said that about 85 percent of Baba Venga’s predictions have come true. there’s a mention of up to 5079 in his prophecy, the year during which the planet will end.

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Baba Vanga Predictions 2021: Disasters Will Increase, China Will Rule, Baba Venga’s Prediction On 2021

Trouble From The Sky – consistent with the forecast, in 2021 meteorites will fall on the world around Russia. Not only will there be a danger of ending the planet thanks to natural disaster, but a chemical attack has also been warned in Europe. Bab Venga also claims that in this point the existence of the ecu continent can reach near its end.

Murder Of Putin – consistent with Baba Venga’s predictions, in 2021 Europe will undergo a nasty economic situation. there’ll be a conspiracy to assassinate Russian President Putin . the danger of their life will increase within the border of the country.

Disease To Trump: consistent with Baba Venga’s prediction, former US President Donald Trump are going to be within the grip of some terrible disease. This disease will make the deaf deaf and that they also can become victims of brain trauma.

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Catastrophic Disasters – the entire world will face the crisis of catastrophic disasters. there’ll be a change in people’s consciousness. it’ll be a difficult time. People are going to be divided on the idea of religion . within the present circumstances, we are witness to several such disastrous events which have hit humanity.

Discovery Of Life Within The Universe – aside from this life are going to be discovered within the universe and suddenly it’ll become clear how life was found on earth. within the next 200 years, people will contact the opposite world with their spiritual siblings.

Trains Will Fly Within The Sky – trains are going to be flown using sunlight. Petrol production will stop. However, the discussion among people about solar power is increasing from now. Therefore, his prediction doesn’t seem appropriate for the longer term .

China Will Take Over The Planet –an enormous dragon will occupy humanity. Three giants are going to be united. Some people will have red currency. Vanga had predicted tons of zeros before 100 and 5 in it. consistent with analysts, that big dragon is China, which has become a superpower. The three giants mean Russia, India and China. The 100 yuan and 5000 ruble notes are colored red.

Cancer Treatment-humanity will get obviate cancer within the beginning of 21st century. consistent with Baba Venga’s prediction, the day will come when a terrible disease like cancer are going to be tied with an iron chain.

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